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This is my second post in my series of sharing lyrics of Christian songs, and speaking on the meaning or importance of the lyrics.

I encourage all of you to listen to these songs I write about and share, whatever platform you listen on. Let your heart speak to you through the lyrics, and let them uplift you.

Verse 1:

When did it become breakin’ a rule to say Your name out loud in school? When Your name’s the only one that sets us free?

When did it become incorrect to speak the truth about life and death, when Your life gave us all eternity?

The first verse is too sadly true. We live in such a non-Christian world today, it sucks. We get judged and laughed at for our belief in God. Schools and the media have been taking God out of everything and we’re expected to just sit there and be criticized for our religion. And the sad part is, that it’s only Christianity in America. If other religions get made fun of or joked about, people hate you and criticize you. But Christianity is apparently free game to be laughed at and it’s sad.


Even if it gets me convicted, I’ll be on my knees with my hands lifted


If serving You’s against the law of man

If living out my faith in You is banned

Then I’ll stand right before the jury.

If sayin’, “I believe” is out of line

If I’m judged ’cause I’m gonna give my life

To show the world the love that fills me

Then I wanna be guilty.

No matter how much we get criticized, or made fun of, we should always want to share God’s Word.

“Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone.” -Mark 16:15 NLT (

Verse 2:

I’ll rise up and honor You. I’ll testify to the good You do. ’Cause Your grace and Your mercy have overtaken me.

Always honor God. Never back down from what you believe in because He never backed down from you.

Chorus Pt. 2

Then I wanna be guilty by association, guilty of being a voice proclaiming: Your ways, Your truth, Your life, I’ll pay the price to be Your light.

No matter what may come to us, no matter how we are treated, we should never stop choosing God and never stop trying to reach as many people as we can. Everyone needs Jesus.